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There isn't a day that goes by that I am not looking at Amazon or Barnes and Noble for new children's literature books. It's like brushing my teeth- it's a must. Here are my Top 10 books that I will be running to buy the moment they come out.... wait I might have them sitting my shopping cart on Amazon right now. HEY- Prime Amazoners-- Did you know on JULY 15 it's PRIME DAY. According to Amazon, it's better than Black Friday. I am going to wait to purchase my books until then just in case there are some amazing deals for book lovers like me.

Where do I keep all this information? I created my own Children's literature binder that houses my wish lists, #yeswithans, Coming Soon Titles, books I can use with what standard and or theme, and monthly book lists.  It is one of my most favorite products, because I use it ALLLLL the time. Are you interested in this life changing product? If so, click here!

{July 14}
 {July 14th}
 {July 14th}
{July 14th}

 {August 18th}
 {August 18th}
{August 11th}
{August 25th}
{September 22nd}

 {September 29th}

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As always, OPEN THE MAGIC! 

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