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Can't believe the time has come to say good bye to sleeping in, forgetting what day of the week it is, no stress Sundays, and morning workouts. I still have 2 weeks, but I am speaking for all my teacher friends who have already returned. :)

I am so excited for this blog post. Almost as excited as I was when I revealed my home library. Did you see it? I literally lay on the floor and just stare at it. It makes me feel so joyful. #thelittlethings. Ok, back to today's excitement. I did my FIRST video. Omg! My heart is still nervous about posting it, but here I go....  Lets just say I'm not Jennifer Aniston, but hey it's my first video. I need to get some lessons! I will be sharing my favorite picture books and chapter books for back to school. There were a few books that did not make it into the video, but I will have pictures and links below.

{Building a Classroom Community}  
{Building a Classroom Community/READING}
{Building a Classroom Community}
{Building a Classroom Community}
{Building a Classroom Community}
Did you read my post about the author?
 {Language Arts}

 {Social Studies}
{Social Studies}

{Building Community}
 {Joke Books}
 {Realistic Fiction}
 {Realistic Fiction-Fables}


 {Science Fiction} 

Did you know this is Ramona Recommends' Book Club August choice? Want to learn more about our book club?
Would you like a list of all the wonderful books I just recommended? Click here and your wish is my command! I have provided a color and bw copy.

I wish you a wonderful school year and don't forget to "Open the Magic!".

What is your favorite book to read during the school year?

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Hi Friends,
My name is Courtney! I am author of Ramona Recommends. It is so nice to meet you. Come in and OPEN THE MAGIC! Today, I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' to share some more fun facts about myself. Obviously, you all know how much I love books so enjoy learn about my other loves.

Hope you enjoy!


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My 30th birthday with my dearest friends!
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE clothes! :)

My best friend since 11th grade :) 
My best friend since college- University of Arizona. :)

Thank you for letting me share a little piece of me with you! 
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Can't believe it is almost back to school time. I actually don't go back until September 2, but August does really feel like Back to School. Teachers Pay Teachers is AmAZING and they are giving you ANOTHER SALE day! This SALE is ONLY ONE DAY!!! Get your shopping carts ready for Wednesday, August 20th! Enjoy! Don't forget to type in the code BOOST to get that lovely extra % off!


I want to share my
some of my NEW and REVISED products. 

Hope you enjoy!
Have you read WONDER? If not, please go to amazon right now and purchase. This is a wonderful book for the beginning, middle, and end of school year. My BULLY product helps teachers share about bullying (ins and outs). Included are posters, mini lessons, and graphic organizers.

Want to build your student's reading comprehension? TALKING WITH THE TEXT is the perfect product. The students will learn about different text symbols to use as they read to better under text. As they read, they will write down symbols for questions, important information, or maybe about something confusing. Talking with the Text is one way of students being able to grasp deep concepts from the reading. I have used this tool with my reading students and they love it!
Building community at the beginning of the school year is important. Text Message Abbreviation Partner Cards will help students get excited about being paired up with new friends in the class. Give one student the text message short hand card and another student the written out version. Students must find their  matching message. I would suggest for 4th grade and up!
 My favorite two snacks as a kid were oreos and goldfish. Do you want to refresh your students about the different reading skills that you will be implementing into their reading this year? I’ve got the best PRINT and GO graphic organizers for you to use. PLUS! They are in color and bw for easy printing! I have included 2 different non-fiction articles for your pleasure. You can use most of these graphic organizers for any type of non-fiction reading. Get your classroom COMMON CORE ready and practice how to find and cite evidence. Personally, I would use this as a beginning of the year teaching tool to show students exactly how to pull from the text and support their evidence.
Building Background
Main Idea and Details
Cause and Effect
Compare and Contrast
Fact and Opinion
Author’s View Point
Before, During, After Questions (KWL and More)
Vocabulary Help
I am so excited to share this unit with you! Your students will LOVE creating a Candy Vacation. No matter what type of writers are in your classroom, they will be STARBURSTING when you start the journey of, “My Sweet Treat Vacation”.
I did this unit during summer school for 19 days. We ordered Bare Books and the students created their own book. It was quite magical. If you do not have the extra dollars to spend, I have created a peachy perfect template for students to hand write their story. I love the computer, but I think it is important for students to hand-write some of their narratives. I still look at my work from elementary school and love seeing how I wrote.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!
Don't forget to OPEN THE MAGIC.
Hi Friends!

Who loves a good giveaway? I am teaming up with The Mailbox Magazine to bring you a wonderful back to school activity and a chance to win a GOLD Mailbox Membership!
Enter #BeTheDifference sweepstakes by clicking the picture below. It is easy as 1-2-3. Just upload a picture that shows how you are getting ready to go back to school with a 250 word description of how you are making a difference in your students' lives. Then use hashtag #BeTheDifference. You could win all sorts of fab prizes like a Mac Book Air, a Mailbox Gold Membership, or a Visa Card! 

As most of you know, I LOVE BOOKS! Have you seen my new library reveal? Anywho-I came up with a new twist on the common reading interest survey. All you need is a beach ball, black sharpie, and reading interest survey questions.

On each slice of the beach ball, I wrote questions I wanted my students to answer. For example: "What is your favorite chapter book?" "What do you do before you start a book?" "How much time do you spend reading?"

As a first week in school activity, play "Reading Ball". The students get to sit on top of their desks and quietly throw the beach ball to a peer in the class. When a student catches the ball, he or she will answer whatever question their right thumb is on or closest to.
Back to school, reading, interest survey
 It's a win win in your classroom. The students get to sit on their desks and play a game, and YOU get to learn about their reading habits/interests.

 "Open the Magic!" in your classroom. Find out what genres your students love. I actually did a blog post about that here. Allowing students to be part of the learning can create a community of learners. I had a professor in college that always gave the students an interview at the beginning of the year. This helped her know how to plan her year to best fit her students. #perfect!

#BeTheDifference and show your students you care about their learning. You never know; they might open your eyes to a whole new world.

Oh, I am totally on a roll this week with giveaways! So I will continue on this rolll.....
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