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Welcome to TRAVEL with RAMONA RECOMMENDS. I am so glad you could come along. I am super excited to kick off this summer fun project. I've never met a picture book I didn't like! :)
TRAVEL with RAMONA RECOMMENDS is a summer series where I will share about books I have purchased or received from other places. What is EVEN better! This series will also allow you to link up and share what fun books you have picked up along your travels. You may also link up about books you have received from friends on their travels! I love when friends or family return from their trips and I have a package waiting at my door. :) I HEART United States history and I HEART children's literature even more!

About 2 years ago, I started to collect a picture book from all the different places I visited. My favorite story is- In January 2012, my family and I were visiting Tennessee because my grandmother had passed away. We were on our last day there and we popped over to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I was browsing the gift shop looking for a book that shared a little piece of Tennessee with me. I did not see anything, but I am never afraid to ask for help about books. I marched right up the cashier and said, "Do you have any picture books that share about Tennessee?" She looked me straight in the eye and said, "Why, YES! We just got in this ABC book about Tennessee, let me go in the back." She walked back with the ONE I was hoping to find- V is for Volunteer. Now, listen here I jumped about 3953 feet because--- I have been collecting the Sleeping Bear Press State Alphabet books and it was JUST WANT I WANTED! :) I still think about this story every time I see any ABC book. #thelittlethings
 Here are few books I have received over the last year. 

 Now it's your turn! Come link up and share what books you have purchased or received during TRAVEL SEASON! :) Can't wait to see all the fun picture books you post! Happy Travels! The linky will be open all summer long (until August 26th).

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  1. This book looks so fun! I have a few of these that I have been trying to get the whole set. My latest "eye on the prize" is the P Is for Passport!

    I have the perfect book (set) planned for next week. It is a children's version of Dante's Inferno from when my mother went to Italy! Crazy Good!

    Lessons With Coffee

  2. Thanks for the fun linky! I love traveling and picture books!

    An Adventure in Literacy


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