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Happy Tuesday!
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Today kicks off my "Devour Into Ramona Recommends Summer Book List". This summer, I am teaching a reading and writing class to inspiring writers. The students who have signed up for my class are fourth through sixth graders. I am beyond excited. It is going to be 19 days of extreme fun and learning. The theme I have chosen is SWEET TREATS!

For the next 7 weeks, I will be sharing what books I will be using to teach the voice of writing and reading. The books I have picked will be my personal assistant. I have selected books that will SHOW not TELL how to write with voice, interest, flair, and love. If you are like me and LOVE lists, I created a list to remind myself what books I plan to use. :) Want a copy?- click HERE!

Just looking at this cover makes hungry. Oh my gosh! This book is AMAZING! This will be my first read aloud during summer school to get the kids excited! Would you want to live in a land "where you can take a nice warm swim in creamy mushroom soup?" or build a house with Licorice doors and chocolate tiles? I will be using this book to teach descriptive language. The pictures are breathe taking. 

Wonderful to model how to invent a colorful character and really sweet pull to all things SUGARY. One 5th grade girl at my school just finished this book. She LOVED it! I actually haven't read it, but I will be reading it with Ramona Recommends Book Club this month. Want to find out more about that? Click here!

What books do you love to read about SWEET TREATS?


  1. A World of Food looks Amazing! I will definitely be buying this one. Thanks for sharing it!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. Hi Courtney!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love my grad program, but I have to add that I'll love it even more when it's finished! The title of the first book definitely made it a 'must read' for me! haha I will definitely be finding a copy for my classroom thank you for sharing :)
    Learnin' Books

  3. Do you know about Pie by Sarah Weeks? How about The Missing Golden Ticket? It is a companion to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and is a book of Roald Dahl trivia.

  4. I am SO glad that you posted this! I already have copies made for Meet the Teacher night this year! :) I do a 40 book challenge with my kiddos, and they always are looking for some good reads. Have you ever made a similar list of books for reluctant readers?

    Fourth Grade Shenanigans


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