5 for Saturday :)


 This is my first Five for Friday!!! I am so excited! :)


 I felt beyond grateful yesterday. I will be honest, it's been a rough week. It is always rough at the end of year when all the hustle and chat is about jobs and interviews. There are SO many talented and wonderful teacher assistants and substitutes all waiting to get back in the classroom. I have been waiting for 4 years. I know my time is coming, but some days I just get frustrated. My SUNSHINE for the week....When I walked into one of the 5th grade classrooms, I had these waiting. Oh my! Each letter was so special and heartfelt. I LOVE these kids. They makes any rough week gleam!

 My newest product just hit the computer screen! It is probably one of my favorite products. Have fun learning the names of each state while scootin' around the classroom. Students will also enjoy writing evidence driving persuasive notes about different states. Shhh! If you download the preview there is a NEW United States Picture Book list waiting for YOU! Click here to look at this beauty!

One of the books on the list is......
 Guess what! The main family traveling is the FARLEY family! I can't wait to tell FARLEY that she needs to buy this book! ASAP!

 Number 3:

 Getting creative with my closet. Working on being a responsible 30 year old. Finding cute finds in my closet. Shirt- Target, Jean Vest- Nordstrom, Necklace-H&M, Soft Pants- Nordstrom Rack, Shoes- Nordstrom, Watch- My sister 


Remember my note on instagram? Guess what! Here it is! Kristen from Easy Teaching Tools and I are planning to host a fun meet up after the TpT cocktail party. If you are interested click here

Number 5:
 I'm so excited! Saturday is the FACEBOOK  HOP! Eeeeek! 
Are we friends on Facebook? Go head over to Ramona Recommends and join in the fun! 

I'm holding a Giveaway too! 
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  1. Your newest product looks so great! Maybe I will have a job next year that I could use it for? Your outfit is adorable! So jealous you are going to Vegas! If I were attending, I would totally be hitting up your "after party" meet up! HAVE FUN! Happy Summer : )

  2. Hi Courtney!,

    I popped over to visit you from the linky, and am now going to pop over to FB to follow your page.

    Love that you are being creative with your wardrobe... I need to do that too because I know that there are so many things in there that I never wear.

    Lots of good luck for the job search. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  3. I think I need you to style my closet! Did you know I use to be a fashionista? I had a planner and would write down my outfit, shoes, and hairstyle every day my sophomore and junior year so I wouldn't repeat an outfit. Ha ha!


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