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A colleague asked me today about some of my favorite poetry books for kids. As we all know, poetry isn't the favorite subject by most 5th graders. As she explained it, "Today there were a lot of grunts, groans, and more grunts, as I shared that we were starting our poetry unit." Ramona Recommends to rescue. Here are some of my favorite poetry books to help students get in touch with their poetic side.Poetry...it's a love hate relationship with most 5th graders. I have the perfect remedy to fix the grunts and groans during poetry. Yep, you guessed it PICTURE BOOKS. Here is my favorite poetry picture book Hi, Koo! I mean really can the title get any cuter? This book teaches how to write a haiku while learning about our 4 seasons. These books turn frowns upside down. Allowing students to see poems written so many different ways help them be able to write their own. During our poetry unit, students are asked to write a different styled poem each week. One student wrote a limerick poem called A Lime Named Rick. The nerdy teacher in me JUMPED FOR JOY!

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 This gem is my all time favorite. Jack Prelutsky is hilarious! Poems about school. love it. end of story.
 Molly from Lessons with Laughter recommended this book to me in February. Click here to read the post where she talks about poetry and writing letters.
Who doesn't love Shel Silverstein??!!??! My favorite poem is SICK.


Need an engaging way for students to share their poetic knowledge? My friends Cory and Carol from Carol and Cory's California Creations have a WONDERFUL resource. Side note- if you teach 4th grade in California, THIS STORE IS FOR YOU! These gals are so creative. The poetry analogy includes darling poem outlines for students to complete, peer editing sheets, and ideas on how to display the poetry in your classroom. I did the color poem last year for Open House and it was by far my favorite!!! The deep thought the students put into their poems is magical. 

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  1. I also used Vulture Verses for some poetry activities this year! Love that book! :) Thanks for linking up!


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