CURRENTLY {MAY we always be bloggy friends}

Listening to Taylor Swift's OUR. It is a great song with a beautiful message. People may throw rocks at things that shine, but always be yourself. I just listen to this song and think my perfect teaching  job is right around the corner. I shine!!!

Loving that one of my best friends came over last night and helped me purge my closet. She also put a few spring work outfits together for me. Are you into fashion? You should follow her on instagram @fashannliz Want to see what she paired? Follow me @ramonarecommends 

Thinking about how tomorrow is going to be a long day. Excited that I have no plans tomorrow night and I can just relax. Sometimes doing nothing on a Friday is magical. 

Wanting more Melonheadz Clip Art! I can never have enough. Can't wait for the SALE next week!! May 6-7 TpT Teacher Appreciation Sale! :)

Needing to make my lunch. Not going to happen. I will make it in the morning. I will regret not doing it tonight. #teacherproblems

Surprise Amelia from Where the Wild Things Learn. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her blog. She has such great resources for upper grade teachers especially 5th. When I have my own classroom again, I want to try her Literature Circles Blogging Style. I always get excited when I see a new post from her in my BLOGLOVIN feed. Go follow her!

Go Link Up with FARLEY from Oh Boy 4th Grade!!!

Have a FABULOUS day!!!! Do something that makes you feel GREAT!


  1. Hi, found you through Currently! I love Friday nights with no plans and I LOVE Melonheadz clipart!! I have a few things on my wishlist to grab during the sale!!


  2. Melonheadz is so addicting! I can't wait for the sale as well. I know I'm not the only one with PAGES and PAGES of things in my wishlist. Hope you enjoyed your Friday night with nothing on the todo list. Those seems like the best days.

    Enchanted Kinder Garden

    1. Oh I have PAGES and PAGES. :) Can't wait!!! My Friday was amazing! Have a great week!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up... I am slightly addicted to Melonheadz clipart too... OH MY GOSH!!! I have to stay away!!! so much cuteness in one place is hard to handle!!!

    1. I agree.. WAY TOO MUCH CUTEST in ONE Spot! I hope you have a great week!


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