A Radio Show, A Sale, and A Recommendation OH MY!

Happy Tuesday! I am excited because I have several do-da's to share! The teacher in me made a list.
1. TONIGHT at 6pm (pst) I am joining the lovely Shelia from Shelia Jane Teaching on her LIVE Radio Show. Come learn about my love for children's literature and much more!

TO LISTEN:) Click Here
You can listen during or after it airs.
2. Do you hear Teachers Pay Teachers LOVES teachers! They love all of us so much they are doing a fabulous sale! You can get up to 28% off when you use the code TPTXO
Come shop Ramona Recommends. One of my favorite and newest products is: The Children's Literature Resource Guide. I love it! :) Click on the READ picture or here to go to product.

 3. Last week in 5th grade our reading standard was MAKING JUDGEMENTS. I found the perfect printable from Hello Literacy that worked like a charm. I read Library Lil by Suzanne Williams. It is an adorable story about a small town librarian.

There is a great mix of both boy and girl characters plots. After we read the story, my students were asked to make some judgements about either Library Lil or Bust em' Up Bill. Some of the questions were: Restaurants My character would like... because..., Stores my character would like .... because... The students really enjoyed this activity. I was able to level how I wanted different students to answer the questions. Some students were allowed to write only one because, while others wrote 3 reasons.

Next Week: Depth and Complexity Icons!!! :)


  1. Hi there! Love the Library Lil activity. Which Hello Literacy resource is the printable in? I love it. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ursula!
      It is from her Common Core Reading Comprehension Sheets for RL Fiction Standards Upper grade!

    2. Thanks. I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and buy the fiction and informational bundle...


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