Must-Read Monday LINKY PARTY!

Must-Read Monday Linky
While I was getting my nails done, I checked my instagram to see what was going on! Kristen from Easy Teaching Tools shared with me a book linky party from Teaching Maddeness. As you might know, I love sharing my favorite books. So in a nutshell this is a perfect fantastic linky party for me to join. Can't wait to see what books other teachers share. My wish list needs some new favorites.

This is one of my new favorite books. Kids can relate to this book because it uses words from the technology age. I am sure if you read this story to your students they would understand all of the words. I read it to my nephew last night and he thought it was funny. I mean I did have to a lot of sound of effects, but he is only 21 months. Dot shares her daily journey through sharing, searching, recharging, and rebooting. The author of this story is Randi Zuckerberg sister to the founder of Facebook. I love how our society brings on new meanings to old words, and new words to our old world. The pictures remind me of a spring day. I am ready for SPRING, are you?

See you tomorrow for Ramona Recommends Tuesday!

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