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Hello! Happy New Year from Ramona Recommends! Hope you had a wonderful time ringing in the new year!

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Listening: My new favorite song is Incredible by Celine Dion and Ne-Yo's. I have it blasting as I am typing and of course singing along!

Loving: I might or might not have 5 calendars hung around my office and room that are just for show. I have gotten the same 5 calendars for the last 15 years. For Christmas, Santa always brings me 1 Mary Engelbreit Wall Calendar, Mini Calendar, and Desktop Day to Day Calendar, a piggy calendar, and recently he has added the Fancy Nancy Calendar. They hang beautifully in their spot and each new month I gently take them off of their nail turn the page and hang again. I love the calendars because they usually have inspiring quotes that I read often. They are great for a quick glance of the date. DON'T WORRY, I do have my Erin Condren planner too, which is my real calendar where I will only write in pencil.

Thinking: I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I have decided that I need to live in the NOW and not wishing for the past or wishing for the future. God has a plan for me and he will show me his way. I want to enjoy every minute of my life and not wish it away. So! My goals for 2014- ENJOY THE NOW! REALLY be thankful for everything. Accept myself for who I am. Be me! Grow with every experience. Trust.

Wanting: Just want a yummy treat. End of story.

Needing: Ruby II hasn't had a bath since she came home from the dealership on December 16th. It's time! Plus, I need gas. Looks like I will be making a stop at the carwash/gas station tomorrow!

Memory: This Christmas, I want to remember having our family photos taken. We haven't had great family pictures since 1996, I was 12. I love the way the pictures turned out they sparkle with love and laughter. Our photographer, Brynn Alyson Photography did an outstanding job. Here are a few to share with you.
all family photographs credit of Brynn Alyson Photography. Click on pictures to go to her website.


  1. Umm, so I think that we are pretty much on the same currently schedule!! Weren't we right near each other last month?!? I'm pretty sure that's how I found your blog!! Too funny!! Your family pictures are absolutely adorable!! We need to get family photos done again sometime because like you said, I think our last ones are probably from back when I was in 8th grade... eek! Hope you have a wonderful 2014 my new sweet blogging buddy!! :)

    1. Have a wonderful 2014!!! :) I just wrote your blog too. We are TOO funnny!

  2. I love taking family photos too! We had ours taken in the beginning of November for our family Christmas card! My baby girl is only 8 months old, so we hired a photographer to take photos four times during her first year. I am thinking we are going to hire her again next year too though, because I know that my kids are going to grow up too quickly and these days are going to be gone and I want to treasure them forever!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love family photos :) Enjoy your new year! Here is to creativity.

  3. Such cute family pictures! I totally want to get some new ones taken for my Grandmother soon. She loves pictures. I think I get my sentimental spirit from her. :)

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

    1. thank you!!! Have a wonderful new year! Look back tonight for a new giveaway I am hosting! :)


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