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Happy first day of break! Today's blog post is brought to you by Ramona Organizes :). I love to be organized. It soothes my soul. When I am not organized, I can tell. I start to panic and need to start making lists asap! :)

About two years ago, at this same time I decided to reorganize my entire office area. I was inspired by iheart Organizing, the BEST organizing blog on the web. Her talent is beyond any talent I am capable of, but I try. :)
I have decided this winter break, I am going to organize the Ramona Recommends library. Right now, everything is nicely shelved, but it takes me more time than I would like to find "that one book"! As I type this, I keep looking over at the shelves, thinking am I really going to do this! It might take me forever! As of December 20th, I own 1, 232 children's books. Fortunately, yes I said fortunately, the list will keep growing, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE books.

Here is the plan that I have mapped out:
1. I am going to first make a list of the all the genres I think I have in my collection.
2. Start creating cute rectangular tags for my bookshelves.
3. Deep Breathe, Deep Breathe!
4. Start organizing the books by genre/holiday
5. Finish creating tags!
6. Continue to organize
7. Smile and sit and stare at my hard work!!
8. Post my genre tags and posters on TpT
9. Share finished product on BLOG! 

I am SO excited! I better get started!
Here is the BEFORE:

 How do you organize your teacher books?

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  1. What a great idea! I follow iHeartOrganizing as well! Jen Jones is the organization MASTER! She inspired me to redo our linen closet last summer! I used a friends ThirtyOne party to buy the bins and labeled them for "His" and "Hers" bins, "Fun in the Sun" for all our sunscreen, aloe etc. It was so fun and now I love opening that closet!
    I hope you enjoy your book organization. I currently have all my picture books in a cabinet and I'm trying to find a way to organize them so I can find things more easily. I tried sorting by holiday because that's how my collection started....but it is no longer that "simple".
    Can't wait to see your progress- just remember baby steps! :-) :-)


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