A Few Fabulous Topics!

Hi Friends!

 Just posted a freebie in my teachers pay teachers store! Actually, I almost have 10 products in my store. Feeling so excited. My motto- Slow and Steady! One day I will be the next "Nicole Shelby" or "Ashleigh". I am also working on a "What do for the last week before the holiday break" packet. That should be in my store by this afternoon.

Rockin' Winter Musical Chairs will help students with multiplication fluency. Got to know those facts. It's part of life. :)

Super excited to annouce- I had my first sale! What a fun email to see in my inbox last night! 

BTW, I am also on FACEBOOK now! Come LIKE my page! It will be a fun time!

Have a wonderful day! I will see you tomorrow with "On the 5th day of Ramona Recommends!". Don't forget to hop into my store and get that freebie.

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